CCTV Camera - Third eye of the World!

According to report, China, the US and German are the top 3 countries with the highest numbers of CCTV cameras.

Is CCTV or the Security Service important now? See the below chart to get a grip on it.


According to the global CCTV Market analysis, the market will grow by $8.65 Million from 2019 to 2023. The reduced number of thefts, crimes against women and government data protection is key to this sector growth. Recently, a state in India had announced that 75% of crimes have been reduced after the installation of 1.4L of CCTV cameras.


Leaving an extra pair of eyes to monitor your workplace, home, and factories have become common now. Technological inventions like CCTV cameras, surveillance cameras, and other security systems have increased the security level everywhere.

Closed-circuit television or CCTV, also known as video surveillance, is a process where the Video cameras transmit signals to a certain set of monitors at a specific place. Since it is a closed-circuit system, the signals are not openly transmitted like Televisions. In the 21st century, CCTV is a pack along with a CCTV Camera, DVR – Digital Video Recorder or NVR – Network Video Recorder

How does it work?

CCTV is a combination of Camera, Lens, Monitor & Recorder.


Like all other cameras including mobile phone cameras, CCTV camera plays a vital role where it captures the image and sends it to the Monitor and to the storing area NVR or DVR (Based on the Camera). The lens enables the cameras to access the Zooming option.